1. The WID will do a site visit to the requested location.
  2. Staff reviews the application and notifies the applicant if approved.
  3. If approved, the applicant comes to the WID office with a government photo ID and signs the contract in person.
  4. The applicant is invoiced with payment due April 30.


Rural water use agreements

  • delivery of rural water use
  • maximum of 25,000 cubic meters of water per user
  • for non-agricultural purposes and NOT for household purposes, the irrigation acres recorded on the assessment roll of the district, or the irrigation of acres included in an alternate parcel irrigation agreement

2023 season fee: $2,142.00 including GST


Contracts are annual and not prorated for a portion of the water season. They are automatically renewed and invoiced in January.

The approval process is approximately 2-3 weeks.

To cancel, please provide written notice by email or in person at the office. 

For your convenience below is a water conversion breakdown:

Acre Feet Imperial Gallon Litres
1 271,328 1,233,482
3 813,983 3,700,446
5 1,356,500 6,167,409
10 2,713,000 12,334,818
20 5,426,000 24,669,637
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