• WID land, canals, banks and reservoirs are private property
  • Access is by foot only – all motorized vehicles, both on-road and off-road, are prohibited; Chestermere Reservoir is the only exception
  • Permission is required to access any WID-owned land for any purpose; Chestermere Reservoir is the only exception
  • Be aware: canals, banks and private reservoirs can be hazardous
  • Please follow and respect the signs: they are for your safety

Be informed about hunting and fishing – visit Alberta Fish and Wildlife for information on rules, regulations and expectations for these activities in our province.

Fishing in WID canals and reservoirs

  • Access is by foot traffic only
  • Motorized watercraft are prohibited; Chestermere Reservoir is the only exception
  • Stay away from headgates and drops where the water level can change quickly

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Hunting on WID land

You must have permission before hunting on WID property.

To gain permission, prepare this documentation and bring it to the WID office:

  • Name(s) of those who want permission
  • A valid Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) for all participants
  • Date(s) of hunting activity
  • Legal land description of the area(s) access is being sought
  • Copy of photo ID for all participants
  • Description of vehicle(s) used to travel to proposed site(s)
  • Permission letters from all adjacent landowners including date and signature

When information is ready, bring it to the WID office. If approved, a letter of permission will be provided to the user for the specific time(s) and location(s). 

Anyone caught on or using WID land without permission is subject to trespassing and fines. All requests for access may be shared with Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials if warranted. Fish and Wildlife officers have full access and permission to enforce all laws and regulations on WID land.

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Responsible behaviour is essential

Respect the land and water.

    • Travel on dry, well-established roads and trails
    • Limit activity to daylight hours
    • Stay away from livestock
    • Do not dump garbage or leave items behind
    • Do not dump anything into canals or reservoirs
    • The WID and landowners have the right to ask users to leave their property at any time
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