Our Team

The success of WID is defined by our people. We truly enjoy what we do and the people we work with. Our knowledge and expertise help us to ensure your needs are met seamlessly for continuous and efficient operations.

Troy Tangedal

General Manager
Troy was appointed by the Board of Directors as the District's General Manager in 2023. He provides professional leadership in the management of the District operations, along with the development and implementation of District policies. He serves as the District's Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the encompassing strategic planning, direction, operations, financial well being, and management of the District.

Donna Mitchel

Executive Manager Administration
Donna joined the District in 2015 and is now the Executive Manager-Administration. Donna oversees the daily operation of the Administration, Human Resources Management, as well as District communications.

Matt Malm

Senior Manager Finance
Matt is a Chartered Professional Accountant who joined us in June 2022. In his role as Senior Manager of Finance, Matt oversees the Financial Reporting, Strategic Financial Management, and Risk Management of the District. He also ensures timely and accurate reporting of grant funding requirements and the reporting and monitoring of capital project spending.

Brian Sander

Senior Manager Operations
Brian has had a fulfilling career with the District starting in 2005. As Senior Manager Operations Brian is accountable for the operations and maintenance of process control systems that provide the structure for the distribution and flow of water, development of new innovative operations, business development opportunities and the identification of mutually beneficial projects are part of his mandate.

Cory Krahenbil

Senior Manager Capital Projects
Cory's career with the District began in April 1994. As Senior Manager Capital Projects, Cory oversees our capital project program in its entirety, including design, engineering, quality control, document control, cost control, construction and project management. He manages preparation of engineering plans and specifications for design of irrigation pumping, conveyance and storage facilities.

Jeff Gibeau

Executive Manager Land & Business Development
Jeff joined the Executive team in November 2022 and currently fills the Executive Manager of Land and Business Development role. Jeff and the team handle surface land management activities, external stakeholder relations, business development opportunities, project land acquisition and management of all land holdings, Contract Management, and he sits on the board of the Stormwater Management Co-operative (CSMI).

Eric Beingessner

Superintendent Operations
Eric began working for WID in 2008 as a Water District Supervisor. Now as the Water Master he oversees water distribution within the District. He is responsible for ensuring compliance with water rights. monitors stream flows, reservoir levels daily.

Shawn Thurber

Project Manager
Shawn joined our team in 2021. He assists and coordinates Capital and Planning construction projects to modernize the water delivery infrastructure located in the district. He works with landowners, construction crews, land and water departments and contractors/consultants He also manages the gravel pit, drone flights and makes sure our Capital projects are completed with a high level of integrity and quality.

Dawn Edwards

Land Specialist
Dawn has been with the District as Land and Contracts Administrator since April 2021. Dawn is responsible for providing guidance on land use and administration for users, oversees various aspects of land rights acquisition for WID projects and ensures documentation is in accordance with applicable policies as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

Jon Peters

Information Systems Supervisor
Jon coordinates coordinates and manages all technology and data for the District. He works closely with all departments and ensures employees have technology and data available to to do their jobs well. .

Tara Busslinger

Development Administrator
Tara has been with the District since 2019. As the Development Administrator she supports land and water departments to streamline processes. She identifies overlaps or gaps between departments and provides ideas for resource smoothing.

Derek Spencer

Construction Superintendent
Derek has been with us since 2021. As our Construction Superintendent. He manages construction projects from start to finish and assists with day-to-day district maintenance operations. He is responsible for overseeing on-site activities and executing projects according to construction design.

Pat Kobsar

Senior Accounting Assistant
As the Accounting Assistant Pat provides support to the senior manager finance in the preparation of accounts payable, financial statements, budgets, invoices depreciation of capital equipment in order to maintain the finances of WID.

Heather Higgins

Office Coordinator
Heather started with us in 2014 and coordinates all office tasks and functions. From data entry to ordering supplies to rounding up time sheets Heather ensures office operations run smoothly.

Catherine Miller

Water and Contracts Specialist
Catherine is the main point of contact for most matters relating to irrigation acres. She prepares contracts according to the regulations of the Irrigation District Act, and verifies account balances and acre inventories.

Bill Paterson

Procurement Specialist
Bill acquires goods and services on behalf of our various teams at WID. Coordinating supply chain, evaluating fleet repairs and maintenance and advising on matters of leasing versus purchase transactions. Maintaining a positive relationship with our vendors, securing new suppliers and assuring the best possible value for our teams requirements.

Shehu Yesufu

Contract Specialist
This role develops and manages a suite of contrats and agreements specific to the needs of the WID It is critical in ensuring that business contracts are legally sound, meet the needs of the WID and all parties involved, and comply with relevant legislation and regulations including irrigation-specific contracts/agreements, land purchase & sale, surface land management, procurement, construction, MOUs, and various contracts/agreements.
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