WID Water Advisory is at Level 0 

Bow River flows remain strong with irrigation demand being met completely by river diversion.

Irrigation reservoir levels will begin to see a gradual drawdown in the coming weeks as part of normal operations.

  • Current water in Storage:   Langdon – 12,000 acre/ft                                 Chestermere – 4,500 acre/ft (usable)
  • Current elevation:                  Langdon 1006.0 m (FSL 1006.4 m)              Chestermere – 1025.557 m (FSL 1025.58m)
  • Total Capacity:                        Langdon 12,000+ acre/ft at FSL                    Chestermere 8,100 acre/ft at FSL  Snowpack is clo

Western Irrigation District

Serving Irrigators east of Calgary for more than 75 years

ALBERTA IRRIGATION INFORMATION 2023 is now available online. 

The report is an annual statistical overview of irrigation information and data related primarily to the irrigation districts in Alberta and includes information about private irrigation across the province.

DID YOU KNOW that all land, canals, driving banks and reservoirs that are part of the WID infrastructure are private property and not public lands?


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