There are a few ways you can pay your WID invoice:

  1. Pay online through your bank

  2. Set up the ‘Western Irrigation District’ as a ‘Payee’ on your online or mobile banking app.

    Enter your WID account number when you make the payment.

  3. Mail or deliver a cheque to our office, visit our office and pay with cash or by debit.

  1.  The address is:
  3. A-1000 Pine Street
  4. Strathmore, AB   
  5. T1P 1C1

If you have any questions or need assistance in finding our office, please call 403-934-3542 and we’ll be happy to help.

Paying online means paying through your online or banking app. You need to add the ‘Western Irrigation District’ as a payee and go through the payment process your bank has set up.

This is not the same as an e-transfer.

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