• Irrigation acres can be leased by their registered owners to other farmers who require irrigation rights  – this is called an Alternate Parcel Irrigation Agreement.
  • Leasing irrigation acres is an excellent way to share irrigation with those who don’t have any or need more.
  • The owner of the irrigation acres is responsible to pay the WID directly.
  • Arrangements for payment from the lessee are up to the owner. The details of the arrangement are between the two parties. The WID recommends but does not require the borrower to pay the owner the cost of the irrigation acres.
  • Leasing irrigation acres is an annual application process and only valid for ONE irrigation season upon approval by the WID Board of Directors. Applicants must renew their Alternate Parcel Irrigation Application each season.
  • The deadline for the two parties to submit an Alternate Parcel Irrigation Application is March 1, 2024.


  1. An owner may contact someone on the list below who wants to borrow irrigation acres.
  2. Arrange an agreement for payment. This agreement is between the owner and the borrower only.
  3. Submit an Alternate Parcel Irrigation Application form (button at top of page). Both parties must sign the agreement in person at the WID office.

2023 season fee:

  • New alternate parcel application fee: $400.00
  • Renewal application fee: $150.00 (if agreement is identical to the prior year).
  • Late application fee: $300.00 (plus New or Renewal fee).

December 19, 2023                          Brian McKinnon                          403-540-7565                                                         

December 19, 2023                          Jason Beck                                   403-325-1015                           


December 19, 2023                          Joel Tschetter                                   403-901-7138                           

February 2, 2024                          Greg Lauen                                   403-934-4568                           

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