Alberta’s water – everything you need to know

It’s no question that water is a priceless resource in our province. It is vital to Alberta agriculture and food security for our local, national and international communities. Further to that, it is important to understand the value of irrigated water – how it’s managed, used and distributed.

Educating the public through an unbiased lens, the Alberta WaterPortal Society makes it a priority to provide credible data on water interests and issues; including how Alberta’s 13 irrigation districts manage water for agricultural purposes. Learn more about “Why Alberta Irrigation Matters.”

The Alberta WaterPortal Society gathers information from a collaboration of partnerships including: all levels of government, academic institutions, environmental non-government organizations, corporate partners, and advisory councils.

WaterSMART is one of their partners. Specializing in water management solutions that are aligned with the Government of Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy, the WID has worked with WaterSMART on various initiatives including the Cooperative Stormwater Management Initiative (CSMI).

green trees near lake under white clouds and blue sky during daytime
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