Chestermere Reservoir

When you think of Chestermere Reservoir, images of water skiing, fishing and sailing commonly come to mind. A well-loved hub for water recreation enthusiasts, the anticipation of summer for residents of Chestermere is unique. But they aren’t the only ones waiting for the water levels to rise.

The reality is Chestermere Reservoir is first and foremost an irrigation reservoir that stores raw water from the Bow River during the growing season. We created a short video series to explain a bit more about the purpose of Chestermere Reservoir.

In this first video, Brian Sander, Sr. Manager Operations, talks about the source of the reservoir’s water.


The water doesn’t just stay in Chestermere Reservoir but continues its journey down a series of canals to provide irrigation to farmers. Take a few moments to watch Brian share the rest of the story about where the water goes beyond the reservoir.

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