Preparing for expansion acres plebiscite

We are committed to Service Efficiency and are continuously upgrading and modernizing infrastructure to provide as many irrigation acres as possible to producers.

One way to increase irrigation acres is through an expansion plebiscite. At the Annual General Meeting in April, we started to explain the process we are working towards.

In a nutshell, the WID is determining, through a complex engineering assessment, what approach would make the most sense. Then, a thorough information package will be prepared and sent to current irrigators, to explain the proposed expansion. If the irrigators agree, the WID will apply to the Government of Alberta to increase the number of acres we can provide.

So what does this mean?

  • We are not asking to use more water. We want to increase the number of irrigation acres that can be used within our existing, allotted water.
  • This is possible because of increased efficiencies of water use. The efforts of irrigators and the WID in recent years mean that there is more water available, under the existing water license.

When the details are ready in the coming months, the WID will provide an information package and will be available in-person to answer questions. This is an exciting opportunity for the WID and for our irrigators, watch for much more in the near future.

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