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When Charlotte Mandel joined the WID almost eight years ago, there was no question that she would be an asset to the team.

With prior experience in agricultural banking, Charlotte is well-acquainted with the local farming community. She understands the challenges and efforts to be successful in the ag industry, including the value of irrigation as a form of insurance for growers and appreciates the significant financial investment involved.

It takes time to become well-versed in irrigation operations and its lingo, along with the complex mix of work to understand. From the requirements of various government agencies, forms and processes, to understanding the many construction projects on the go at once.

Charlotte Mandel, WID Assessment & Billing Specialist

But for Charlotte, equally as important are the relationships with colleagues and clients she and the Information Systems team aim to serve, which builds trust. They are the information hub for irrigators and other departments within the WID.

“We gather, filter, translate and communicate,” explains Charlotte. “Our job is to interpret the information and send it to the right person in a language they will understand.”

No day is the same and each season presents a range of new tasks to tackle. Producers are doing more, diversifying their businesses, and taking on year-round responsibilities. “Many can’t afford to only have one venture. Crops are unpredictable, especially with dry spells being more common.”

When she speaks with a customer, Charlotte hopes they are well-informed and also feel they’ve been heard. She regularly educates current and future irrigators about grant programs and incentives to invest in higher efficiency systems.

“My goal is for them to achieve success in their operations,” she says. “However I can help them to get further ahead is a win for me.”

Top questions the admin team answers:

When does water season start?    The first week of May, every year.

Are there irrigation acres available?   Unfortunately, the demand for irrigation acres is more than the supply.

What is the minimum acre size to irrigate a parcel?    50 irrigation acres

What grants are available to upgrade my irrigation equipment?    There are multiple opportunities! Click here to learn more.

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