Investing in modernized infrastructure saves water

As the air becomes more crisp, the WID wraps up our second season of summertime construction.

For the Field-Strangmuir Pipeline, long stretches of open canals are being replaced by a closed pipeline which eliminates water losses due to evaporation, infiltration and return flows. Phase 2 is done and Phase 3 is underway. Additional landowners can expect to have access to water, to expand irrigation on their farms – all delivered through an efficient and modern water delivery system.

“Installing pipe without worrying about frost and harsh conditions is more effective and ensures a high-quality end product. And it’s awesome that irrigators will benefit from this improved infrastructure so much sooner."

The WID appreciates contributions from the Province that have accelerated the completion of this work. This continued investment through the Irrigation Rehabilitation Program has been particularly effective for the WID as the Province provides $3 for every dollar contributed by the WID.

The southern portion of Phase 1 of the Cooperative Stormwater Management Initiative was also completed this summer. The collaboration with local municipalities was recognized last spring with a ‘Waters Next’ award for the innovative approach to managing stormwater. It is made possible with more than $13.5M in funding from provincial and federal governments. Ultimately, it’s about maintaining and enhancing water quality in the long term for our irrigators – a key priority for the WID.

Water pipeline construction
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