Day: November 16, 2021

Award-winning approach to stormwater management

​Stormwater is something we don’t usually think about – unless it’s a problem. Fortunately, a cooperative effort between the Western Irrigation District (WID), the City of Calgary, the Town of Strathmore, and Rocky View County means that stormwater is proactively managed in ways that make sense for each of these communities while protecting irrigation water.

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Open Farm Days

Open farm days 2021

Local Food Production Requires Irrigation ​A beautiful, warm weekend brought out many visitors during Alberta’s Open Farm Days in mid-August this year. The WID was pleased to join the growers at Poplar Bluff Organics and Carrots by Cam, two irrigators, to meet curious and hungry guests. Hundreds took advantage of the chance to take the

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Water pipeline construction

Investing in modernized infrastructure saves water

As the air becomes more crisp, the WID wraps up our second season of summertime construction. For the Field-Strangmuir Pipeline, long stretches of open canals are being replaced by a closed pipeline which eliminates water losses due to evaporation, infiltration and return flows. Phase 2 is done and Phase 3 is underway. Additional landowners can

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Eagle Lake Nurseries

Rooted in irrigation

From the time she was young, Anita Heuver developed a passion for plants and for business. In the 1960s, Anita’s father Tony and his brother Henry established Eagle Lake Nurseries near Strathmore, seeding and growing turf grasses with water from Eagle Lake. When a connection was made to the WID’s North A Canal, they could

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Water Irrigation

WID sets record for area irrigated

Strategic investments by irrigators, the WID and the Province have all contributed to a record irrigation season, for both activity and efficiency. More than 82,000 acres were irrigated within the WID during this incredibly dry and challenging year. “All the investments are paying off. With higher efficiency irrigation systems, modernization of infrastructure and enhanced water

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Canadian Agricultural Partnership water program (CAP)

There are two types of project streams available to producers under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Water program: on-farm irrigation projects and on-farm water supply projects. On-farm irrigation projects help improve the efficiency of existing on-farm irrigation systems which can save producers water and energy costs. Grants for these efficiency improvements can be used to purchase

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Western Irrigation District office

We’ve moved!

Our new location is just west of No Frills, co-located with the Marigold Library System. You can find us at: A-1000 Pine Street Box 2372 Strathmore, AB T1P 1K3

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Solar powered weed screener

Pipeline delivers efficiency and diversity

Innovation and growth are important themes in the Bruce Farms operation, located primarily around Cheadle. And now thanks to Phase 1 of the Field-Strangmuir pipeline, the installation of new, high-efficiency irrigation on additional acres has occurred the year after construction. “Now that water is flowing through the new pipeline to a portion of our land,

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