Pipeline delivers efficiency and diversity

Innovation and growth are important themes in the Bruce Farms operation, located primarily around Cheadle. And now thanks to Phase 1 of the Field-Strangmuir pipeline, the installation of new, high-efficiency irrigation on additional acres has occurred the year after construction.

“Now that water is flowing through the new pipeline to a portion of our land, we don’t have trouble with weeds, it’s all screened before it gets to us which helps with costs for sure,” explains Ron Warrack, CEO of the family-run farm. 

Solar powered weed screener
Continuing the family legacy, Jake Warrack stands at the WID’s solar-powered weed screener for the Field-Strangmuir Pipeline

At this point, about 25% of Bruce Farms’ land is irrigated. Ron looks forward to future phases which will allow additional expansion of irrigation in their operation. “It’s a good project, definitely,” adds Warrack, “we will have the opportunity to diversify to higher-value crops with efficient irrigation.” 

It’s a substantial family business, with Ron’s brothers Jeff and Sonny, and sister Joanne and her husband Mike Barrett all involved. And the next generation is also joining in. They grow hay, peas, canola, wheat, barley, and run a cattle feeding operation. 

They appreciate the ability to monitor what’s going on with their pivots through an online app and are working towards full automation to turn water on and off remotely. “To be able to see what’s going on using our phones is awesome,” says Warrack.

Solar powered weed screener
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