WID sets record for area irrigated

Strategic investments by irrigators, the WID and the Province have all contributed to a record irrigation season, for both activity and efficiency.

More than 82,000 acres were irrigated within the WID during this incredibly dry and challenging year.

“All the investments are paying off. With higher efficiency irrigation systems, modernization of infrastructure and enhanced water management, it’s possible to irrigate more land.”

In light of the record activity in 2021, the WID Board has approved distribution of 393 acres of permanent rights for the 2022 season. This brings us to the limit specified in the Irrigation Districts Act.

The record efficiency achieved this season could allow for an increase to the number of acres the WID is able to serve, offering the opportunity to expand for interested landowners, based on a successful plebiscite of irrigators.

The WID recognizes the interest in irrigating more land amongst our landowners, and those who benefit from their crops. We will continue to make investments that allow expansion to be possible.

Water Irrigation
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