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WID land is home to new plant protein facility in Strathmore

The WID is pleased to be a part of an agreement for Phyto Organix Foods to develop a plant-protein processing facility in Strathmore, announced May 24, 2022. Located on 15 acres of land from the WID, Phyto will construct a net-zero facility at a cost of $225 million total, expected to be operational by 2024.

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New board director for Gleichen-Cluny

After an election in early April 2022, a new director was chosen to represent the Gleichen-Cluny area. The WID is pleased to welcome Joel Tschetter as the Director for Division 1. A leader in his community, Joel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the board team. Our many thanks to Doug Brown for

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Preparing for expansion acres plebiscite

We are committed to Service Efficiency and are continuously upgrading and modernizing infrastructure to provide as many irrigation acres as possible to producers. One way to increase irrigation acres is through an expansion plebiscite. At the Annual General Meeting in April, we started to explain the process we are working towards. In a nutshell, the

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Familiar face takes on new role of GM

After a thorough search for a new General Manager, the WID Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Sean Mascaluk has accepted the position. Sean has been part of the WID team since 2020 as Executive Manager of Operations, and the Board is confident he will lead through the lens of the WID’s three

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Sunflower during Sunset

Expert advice builds trust

When Charlotte Mandel joined the WID almost eight years ago, there was no question that she would be an asset to the team. With prior experience in agricultural banking, Charlotte is well-acquainted with the local farming community. She understands the challenges and efforts to be successful in the ag industry, including the value of irrigation

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Lending irrigation acres opens opportunities

With a spike in Alternate Parcel Irrigation agreements for the upcoming water season, more than 100 irrigators now have additional acres thanks to the cooperation of fellow irrigators. A fresh marketing initiative helped to explain the process to let other irrigators borrow acres for a year. The WID Board reviewed and approved the agreements, and

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Chestermere Reservoir

When you think of Chestermere Reservoir, images of water skiing, fishing and sailing commonly come to mind. A well-loved hub for water recreation enthusiasts, the anticipation of summer for residents of Chestermere is unique. But they aren’t the only ones waiting for the water levels to rise. The reality is Chestermere Reservoir is first and

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The growing economic value of irrigated agriculture

As producers, you can appreciate the value of irrigation for your business. But have you considered what the full impact of irrigated agriculture is in Alberta? The Alberta Irrigation District Association (AIDA) commissions a study periodically to understand just that – the economic value across the industry. Their latest study, released in November 2021, showcases

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Award-winning approach to stormwater management

​Stormwater is something we don’t usually think about – unless it’s a problem. Fortunately, a cooperative effort between the Western Irrigation District (WID), the City of Calgary, the Town of Strathmore, and Rocky View County means that stormwater is proactively managed in ways that make sense for each of these communities while protecting irrigation water.

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